Tuesday, 27 March 2018


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Today Digital market is a most powerful medium to promote and expand your business in the domestic as well as global market, just because of revolution in digital market every products are easily found able and also customers feel much comfortable and like prefer to shop on online market in compare to offline market. There are so many e-commerce websites are running on the internet today and the count is increasing continuously because every second marketers are joining online market for the better opportunity of the business.

Digital marketing is a simplest and easiest way to approach global customer, expand business, better opportunity and make huge profit for your product and services. In online business your online presence is very important factor and it is very necessary that you are getting attention of customers. Your product is a main medium of your business and it is also very important to maintain your value and quality for the quick response. There are so many e-commerce websites are ruling in the digital market and it is not easy for new comers to build their presence so quickly.

Digital marketing is all about new skills and strategies to get real-time data and feedback from customers. Consumer behaviour is changing rapidly and they are spending less time in the traditional media. According to Statista in Europe traditional media lost its consumption by 2.5 hours while digital market increased by 6.5 hours and in America Facebook data shows that, the single person spending approximately 60 minutes each day on social media. Since 2011, according to Magna advertisement on social media has grown by 40% to 60% per year. We are rapidly reaching at the point when marketers will advertise more and more on social media and online platforms. 

So, there are some Digital marketing techniques through which marketers can build their business existence in the online market. 

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Email marketing: In simple language marketing through emails in known as email marketing. In 2016 statista report that there are 1 billion active users globally on Gmail (Email service by Google) not only Gmail there so many other email services with huge number of users worldwide and email marketing is also a third most powerful source of information for B2B audience. Promoting business via email is a outstanding and effective technique for the marketers, because it creates a presence of your business among the costumer and helps marketer to boost their sell. 

Content Marketing: It is a type of online marketing where marketers create, publish or post valuable and relevant content through social media, videos and blogs to attract the targeted customers. Content Marketing is involved in all type of marketing because quality content is main part for every kind of advertisement. Customers or readers prefer more in the interesting and costume made content, costume contents are personalized communication in the form of blogs, articles and newsletter and an email is most powerful type of content marketing. 

Graphic Design and Visual Content: Not much different from content marketing, visual content and graphic design is just another medium of content marketing. In visual Content it includes Photos, Videos, Memes, comics, infographics and Presentations for the promotion and advertisement. It is just a unique, creative and attractive way to promote your business. 

SEO: Search Engine Optimization is a process to rank your website on the search engine and it is a very important technique for any kind of website because it helps you to generate organic traffic for your website. Every search engine has their own crawler which crawl the website for the query submitted in the search engine and SEO make user-friendly & useful content which can be easily understandable by the search engines.

Social Media: Social media is platform or stage where your business performs. As we all know today social media is ruling everywhere each and every person spending his short time on the social media and it is connected globally. Social media helps' marketer in so many ways like it increase business visibility, improve business loyalty, approach customers about business etc…