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Friday, 29 December 2017

The best Ecommerce Platform that helps you to Sell Online

Our skilled in-house team works seamlessly with your company to Plan, Design, Build, and Deliver your project without a hitch. All major features for Ecommercewebsite we provide 100% reliable and secure services for Ecommerce platform for growing brands.

User-friendly Features of Ecommerce
•        Easily share affiliate links
•        Create and share group gift
•        Log in to social media and near me stores
•        Receive alerts and notifications
•        Buy and share coupons with friends
•        Manage orders and wish list

Seller-friendly Features of Ecommerce
•        Post to sale from web and apps
•        Efficient store management features
•        Upload Product description video & Images
•        Notify store followers by news feeds
•        Easily communicate with store buyers
•        Keep track of shipped items
•        Manage disputes easily and effectively

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