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How does Binary MLM Plan work ?

 How does Binary MLM Plan work ?

Binary Multilevel Marketing Compensation plan

Binary MLM is a unique business strategy used by a lot of Networking marketing companies. As the name suggests, Binary MLM is based around the number 2. The distributor plan in a binary MLM looks similar to a binary tree. A distributor would introduce 2 new members (Front line distributors). These 2 new distributors would then, hire 2 distributors each and so on.
A typical Binary MLM distributor plan looks something like this:

The distributor A for the MLM company using Binary plan would hire 2 distributors B and C who are his Front line Distributors. Now the distributors B and C, would then hire D, E, F and G who would be the down line distributors of A. This process would continue and the new distributors would join. Theoretically, it can go up to infinity as more and more distributors join. This is a 2-by-infinity matrix plan.

The two people they sponsor may not always end up on the same level. Someone above you may have had to place someone they have sponsored in that position, since their front two positions were filled or because they keep sponsoring others as they build their sales organization.

In a binary MLM plan, each distributor would have only 2 front line distributors. Suppose, A hires 3 distributors B, C and D. He makes B and C as his front line distributors. Now, D who is hired by A cannot be his front line distributor as the front two positions were filled. He can choose to place him below B or C. As a distributors keep hiring ( or sponsoring) new distributors, they may not end up in the same level ( as front line distributors). This is called Spillover

It might also happen that, both your sponsors might not end being your Front line distributors because some distributor above you may had to place the new distributor that hired in that position as he keep hiring new distributors to build the sales network.

Structure of Binary MLM

The binary tree consists of 2 sub-trees, one is referred to as Power-leg and while the second sub-tree is called the Profit-leg.

Power leg

As the new distributors sign up, they will be automatically placed in the distributor’s power leg. The power leg structure will have automatic placement of new distributors. As the number of front line distributors is limited to 2, any new sponsors would be placed in the distributor’s down line power leg (Spillover).

Profit leg

Profit Leg does not support spillover. All the distributors in the profit leg are personally hired( or sponsored) by their immediate distributor As the new distributors sign up, they will be automatically placed in the distributor’s power leg.

I hope you find this basic tutorial on Binary Plan useful. In the next tutorial, we will be discussing about the compensation plan in Binary MLM. If you have any doubts, please leave a message or contact us.

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Saturday, 2 June 2018

What is Back-links & How to generate Back-link?

Back-link is a very common or used word in SEO then also very hard to understand for the people who are new in the blogging and website field. Back-link is very essential thing for blogging as well as any kind of website because it plays a very important role to increase the website traffic.
In this article we are going to explain about back-link and advantage of back-links.

So, let’s begin,

Well non-technically back-link is Resource, Bridge, Gateway and Path but technically it is a kind of a link which redirects visitors from one website to another, and it can be a website, page or directory. Back-links is the major root of SEO which helps webmaster to collect the traffic from various platforms to his website. A web-page with a link to another web-page is a back-link and a web-page with the huge back-link always rank higher in each and every major search engine.

There are some technical term related to back-link you should know.

Do Follow Link: As like its name these links are search engine as well as SEO friendly and help to boost your website traffic. Link we use for back-link to generate traffic is do follow link. Do follow links contain root domain, Keywords or content with anchor tag.

No-Follow links: These kinds of links means please avoid this link and search engine do the same. No follow links are just waste link (no use), it can’t help in page ranking and also doesn’t effect in search engine page results placement.

Link Juice: It is a non-technical search engine optimization term which is used to describe the strength and reputation of back-link within a web-page. As Google says a quality hyperlink is the major factor of gaining high ranking in the search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing!

How to generate Back-link?

There are so many tips and tricks to generate back-links:

Blog: Blog is best and easiest way to generate do-follow links and makes people aware about your brand. Blogging is the best solution for cost free advertisement of your brand; you just have to come with rich content, high volume keyword and awesome article.

Q&A: It is a best way to keep your brand active between online communities. Question and answer about the related product keep your and everybody updated about new things and generate back-links for website.

Directory Submission: Submit your URLs to directories so that search engine can read your website and help you to get your audience.

Blog Commenting: There so many blogging sites are running today on the Internet and they have so many daily active visitors with their problems and requirement the search for solutions on the blog and read different articles over blog. So, commenting on relevant blog article can be proving as a lead in the traffic of your website.  

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